Objective- of this website is to share a landscape of photogaphs and artwork related with our dear friend and teacher Dr. Ishwar Puri ❤️. Our effort has been to catalogue the photos with reliable time-line (where date is known) and in other cases with estimated time-frame when the photograph was taken. Some of the photos have been carefully enhanced to improve the visibility.💐

Contributors- Various co-travellers have kindly provided their kind approval to share their artwork and photographs (Thank you so much ). Indeed many of the photographs shared on this website are by many unknown (to the author) co-travellers, which are nonetheless really appreciated.

Bugs- Kindly note there are errors related with dates and perhaps mixup of photos from previous years and (or) locations; hence please do provide any feedback regarding correct date and location for a particular photo to help us improve this website 🙏

Missing🕵& Updates- It would be wonderful if anyone is able and willing to share related photographs of any of the missing sections (for example, Bhandara events prior to 2008 and some after). Fair acknowledgement (your name) on the photo caption will be provided with your permission/ approval. 🐧